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By K.H.


Most Aggressive Super Car EVERRRR!

Apollo Intensa Emozione the new chapter of the next level supercar. Talk about aggressive looking! Naturally-Aspirated V12 making 769 Horsepower, carbon fiber everywhere. I really mean “EVERYWHERE” from chassis to bodywork. It will be limited to 10 units. This will be only for the ultra rich toy, but gosh it is so aggressive looking.

Do you guys prefer this or the Lamborghini line-up?

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By K.H.


Space X..The fastest traveling service on Earth.


Space X will be another crazy venture from Elon Musk. The vision is not only the fastest transportation within Planet Earth, also to travel to Moon and Mars. Space X BFR is going to launch into the low-Earth orbit then the passenger section will precisely select the best route to the destination. With this amazing speed, it will allow us to go anywhere around the world within an hour. For example, a trip from London to New York it is estimated to be within 30 minutes.

If you have a chance would you try it? Please leave us a message and let us know.

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by M.C.



All New Audi A7 is coming in 2018

2018 Audi one of the most participated model, A7 the hybrid of a sport and sedan vehicle will be refreshed completely. Personally since 2012 A7 has been one of my most favourite car and even the best looking one too. This new 2018 model will be packed with a turbocharged V6 pushing out 360 Horsepower along with a mild hybrid system. It kept everything with a sleek minimalist design inside and out. It will be in production this February 2018.

Let us know what you guys think? Do you prefer the new look or the old one?

by M.C.



LS+ from Lexus

LS + was revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show, Lexus’s the most luxury flagship sedan. Their new philosophy is to implement automation technology into every inch of their luxury lineup. Features like highway automation driving, precise measuring distances and a lot more.
Another exciting element from the new concept LS + is the way it looks. It’s more aggressive, Masculine sidelines and overall looks more like a super luxury sports sedan rather than a super luxury sedan like their predecessor. But one thing for sure Lexus vision is to allow computer automation to take offer human driving experience.

What do you guys think of it looks? And would you drive this car if it doesn’t require any driving experience from a human?

by M.C.


Porsche 718 the most Balanced Sports Car.

Cayman has always been a well balanced nimble mid-engined sports car. What’s lacking is always the power side of the vehicle. This new 718 Cayman GTS might be the answer to it all. It is capable to finish 0-60 in under 4 seconds (that’s 991 Carrea S speed) with a top speed to 180 mph. It has the Looks, Speed, and it’s comfortable. I can’t think of any other sports car that could compare with this amazing machinery.

Offical Site:

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Original Styling Meraki by Blumaan – Natural looking styling

Original Styling Meraki by Blumaan so far is my go-to styling product to make a natural looking matt finished hairstyle (less shin = less oily). The amazing thing about this product is that it can be used as a pre-styler and as the final touch product. It has a medium stronghold yet not heavy, which is perfect for my thinner hair. Also, it helps to volumize and protect your hair from heat damage.

Cheapest place I found so far is from here:
($169 HK -Cheungleungkee)

Official site:

by M.C.