5種男士服装秘密,你要知!Part 2






1) 衫袖先接上一下

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5種男士服装秘密,你要知!Part 1

Gentleman In Style – Collar Stays

Part 1 恤衫領極速靚仔法 

你哋有冇試過一早返工去到meeting先至發現原來件恤衫整留左collar stays肉酸到爆。想整靚佢但係冇時間咁點呢,其實仲有兩個方法可以係Office裏面搵到。

因為萬字夾個size同collar stays不相伯仲重點係仲有個三角形位俾你哋攝靚佢,長用呢我都唔建議,不過已是急用的話呢個係一個好好的辦法。

辦法二: 雙面貼紙


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How to keep your shirt looking perfect all day?

I can not tell you how much I love this KK & Jay Shirttail Garters. I have tried everything literally EVERYTHING, and there is nothing work better than this. They come with the sock and sockless version and they both work perfectly. This will instantly make your shirt extra tailor and look fitted and lean to your body. FYI, in the beginning, you might find it little bit weird but after 20 – 30 minutes you will get used to it.

KK & Jay official website:
($300 to $350 hkd including shipping)

by M.C.

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衣著分享 – 訂造恤衫(下)

上次提到我用了$800 去訂造恤衫,今天去店鋪取貨,恤衫質地不錯,同我預期效果一樣,尺寸準確,職員都樂意解答我問題,我本人喜歡細節,如何從一件恤衫表達自已的品味, 又不怕跟其他人穿同樣的款式,如果你工作是需要穿著恤衫,訂造恤衫可以給予身邊的同事/朋友帶來新鮮感

By K.H

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衣著分享 – 訂造恤衫(上)

今日為大家分享一下訂造恤衫,昨天去了一間鋪頭訂造恤衫,這個月他們在做推廣優惠,這間店鋪的布料選擇又多,如果想與別不同,可以選擇拼布款式,都不需要額外收費,職員好細心去量度本人的身型並加以解釋不同布料的分別,我用了$800 訂造了三件恤衫,詳情可到他們的FB查詢, 訂造時間只需一星期,下星期恤衫取貨後,會再拍照出post

By K.H



5 Essential Clothing Accessories.

These are the 5 accessories to step up your game.

  1. Ties – Make sure they fit your size if you are skinny go with a skinny tie and if you are sturdy built go with a regular size tie.
  2. Pocket Square – This is the game changer to add a pocket square to go with your blazer.
  3. Watch – The ultimate jewellery for all men. If you can afford more than one watch it would be a nice to switch it up. However, if you can not then stick with a watch in silver colour and a leather strap. This kind of combination would instantly go with every occasion.
  4. Belt – Make sure you take care of your belt as much as any of your accessories. You don’t want to wear a beat up belt to go with your perfect outfit. It just ruins everything.
  5. Tie Bar – As long as you don’t over accessorize your overall outfit, this can be an excellent add-on to complete your style.

By M.C.


5 Must have shoes in your closet


  1. Chukka Boots (the Summer Boots)
    It’s breathable and stylish, it would work well with smart casual like jeans and chino pants.
  2. Ultra Boost
    This is by far the MOST comfortable sneaker I have ever tried on, but it comes with a price. The perfect companion to go with casual wear or even sporty wear.
  3. Loafer/ Double or Single Monk Strap
    This is the most versatile pair you will find and able to dress it up or dress it down. Whether you are going for your first date or just a gathering with friends Loafer will be able to match it up just fine.
  4. Slip-on Canvas
    For the weekenders, this pair would be a straight casual wear only. It would be something you wear to grab a coffee or for a quick bite with friends at your local bar.
  5. Lace-Up Leather Shoe (Derby/ Oxford)
    Last but not least Lace-Up Derby or Oxford shoes is a must have for every successful man. This is most suitable for formal wear such as attending to your next interview or crashing to your best friend’s wedding event.

By M.C.