Original Styling Meraki by Blumaan – Natural looking styling

Original Styling Meraki by Blumaan so far is my go-to styling product to make a natural looking matt finished hairstyle (less shin = less oily). The amazing thing about this product is that it can be used as a pre-styler and as the final touch product. It has a medium stronghold yet not heavy, which is perfect for my thinner hair. Also, it helps to volumize and protect your hair from heat damage.

Cheapest place I found so far is from here:
($169 HK -Cheungleungkee)

Official site:

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我相信不少人都對清潔黑頭都有不同的方法,本人介紹一個快靚正的懶人方法,這個產品是MODE IN KOREA, 產品設計有點似潤唇膏,而且價錢不貴,價錢大概$50, 如果想知道更多詳情可到官網查詢 (




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男士髮型 – Barber Shop

之前為了幫自己轉變一下新髮型,去了一間Barber shop , 店鋪裝修好有復古味道,髮型師都好細心詢問你意見,在剪髮過程像朋友一樣跟你談天說地,還免費提供飲品,這間店鋪只是會幫男士剪髮,到了現在,我已經光顧了他們三次,服務一流, 詳情可以到以下FB Pages 查詢

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How to get an amazing eyebrow?

Having a nice trimmed eyebrow will be one of the top priority for the ladies. Attached is a simple guideline how you should keep your eyebrow looking amazing at all time.

  1. Make sure to keep away from any unibrow situation, don’t ask why just don’t do it.
  2. Refer to the guideline you should always keep your eyebrow in proportion in terms of length, thickness and shape. The key is to be balanced with your facial structure.
  3. If you don’t have enough hair on your eyebrow you can always consider adding some black eyebrow liner to them. (keep in mind the key is to keep it looking natural, therefore do not overly applied)

Do you guys have any other ways to keep your eyebrow looking amazing at all time, please share with us, we would love to know.

by M.C.


How to get rid of Pimples?

Pimples are the most annoying thing in our life. There are tons of different products that claim to work magically and get rid of all your pimples for a ridiculous price. I will tell you now the best way to keep your face clean and fresh is to “Wash your face!” Seriously this is the foundation to keep pimples out of your life. Here are the steps to keep your face clean.

Clean twice daily, once in the morning and once at night.

  1. Always use room temperature or slightly warmer water to rinse your face first.
  2. Apply Cleansing lotion to your face make sure to apply to all area from your forehead, cheeks, T zone and your chin as well.
  3. Then rinse your face again with warm water.
  4. Dry your face gently with a face towel.
  5. Apply moisturizer to your whole face (THIS IS A MUST DO)

Now if you already have bad skin with big pores then I would recommend doing exfoliate once a week and get rid of the dead skins. And if you have average or good skin then I would recommend once a month to twice a month would be ideal.

Here is the list of products I am currently using and would love to recommend to you guys.

Cleansing Lotion – Cetaphil (around $180 HKD, it will last you at least 3 – 4 months)

Moisturizer – Bioterm Aqua Power (around $220 HKD, it will last 2 months)

by M.C.




Best Bang for Buck Shaving Gear.

Shaving Gear could add up especially if you do shave every day. Here are some of the awesome gears I have been using which won’t break your bank and they shave real good.

  1. Body Shop Shaving Brush – As long as you keep them dry every time, it will last you for years.
  2. Body Shop Shaving Cream – This is by far one of the everlasting cream I have ever used. It took me almost 8 months to finish a bottle.  (BTW they smell really nice and fresh)
  3. Gillet Razor – I have lost count how many versions they have, as long as they have more than two blades they are good to go.
  4. Aftershave lotion – This is just personal preference. I am currently using Dior Sauvage Aftershave Lotion.


The Body Shop Wooden Shaving Brush.

The Body Shop Maca Root Shave Cream

By M.C.


2017 Most wanted Eau de Toilette.


2017 is an exciting year for Men’s Cologne. However, there is one cologne that stands out from the rest. It has been mentioned by many magazines awards as it is the Perfect Men’s Cologne for all time of the year. By Dior “Sauvage”, Top notes of Reggio di Calabria bergamot and middle notes of Sichuan pepper and a base of ambroxan.

I have been wearing it for the past 2 months, and I must admit the Sauvauge is the perfect Men’s Cologne for any occasion. It’s fresh, not too strong, enough to make a statement and it’s appropriate for casual and formal wear. But it has a downside too since it is so versatile, it doesn’t give you the wow factor or a massive statement that you needed for the occasion like clubbing or at your first date with your loved one.

I would highly be recommended by Dior Sauvage as your must-have cologne in your collection, especially if you want one cologne that works for all occasions.

Dior Boutique store is selling at $850 HK dollar.

What is your favourite Cologne, we would love to hear from you? Tag your friend, Like and share us and leave us a message.


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How to avoid Razor Cuts.

Shaving is like a love and hate relationship. You really want a silky smooth shave but yet the closer it is the easier you get razor cuts. Above is a shaving direction diagram (assuming you are right handed) to give you the best way to shave your next shave.

Always start from your upper lip and work your way down to your chin. The most tricky part is between the chin and the neck area. Remember having sharp razor is a must in order to have a clean smooth shave.

Always keep your razor dry after each shave (Oxidization cause rust and dull blade)
Always use after shave lotion or cream to keep your face fresh.

By M.C.


Foundation for Slickback/ Side Part Hairstyle


At first, I was very reluctant to try any product which might create a greasy look to my hair style. However, I needed something to hold my hair to last and to create some volume with the side part look.

I was recommended from my trusted source (My barber) to try the Reuzel Grooming Tonic. After a few months of using this product, I would definitely recommend anyone to use this if you want to have a long-lasting but natural feeling hold to your hair. It smells fresh and works great for volume and lift, perfect for blow-drying and all types of thermal styling. (for all hair types)


  1. Wet your hair then poor the Reuzel Grooming Tonic into your palm (not too much, size of a dollar coin would be enough)
  2. Then Rub your hands and applied all over your hair and scalp.
  3. Blow-dry your hair with your desired style
  4. Apply your pomade or wax to create your Slickback or Side Part hair style.

By M.C.