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兩年前開始使用呢個產品,對鞋的破壞性相對少,方便易用,懶人必備,免過水,但不可以使用在皮鞋,詳情請參考官網(,香港都多了不少地方可以購買,前兩天見到log on 都有賣,謝謝


– 不含任何有害化學物質或研磨劑
– 98.3% 天然;可生物降解
– 可用於任何顏色或物料之鞋履
– 有效清潔及保養

1. 先將毛刷濕水
2. 加上少量清潔劑於刷毛上
3. 用毛刷刷洗鞋面至起泡
4. 用布或毛巾清潔抹乾,如有需要,請重複1-5
5. 待完全乾透

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手錶維修 – Laco 手錶『霸的』鬆脫


By K.H.

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How to keep your shirt looking perfect all day?

I can not tell you how much I love this KK & Jay Shirttail Garters. I have tried everything literally EVERYTHING, and there is nothing work better than this. They come with the sock and sockless version and they both work perfectly. This will instantly make your shirt extra tailor and look fitted and lean to your body. FYI, in the beginning, you might find it little bit weird but after 20 – 30 minutes you will get used to it.

KK & Jay official website:
($300 to $350 hkd including shipping)

by M.C.


手錶 – LONGINES 185周年展

【LONGINES 185周年展 – 隆重揭幕】

< 一眾錶迷請留意,為慶祝品牌185周年,LONGINES由今天起至10月29 日,假尖沙咀iSQUARE國際廣場地下iPIAZZA舉行品牌的185周年展,展出多款來自瑞士總部博物館的珍藏時計。>

今日去了尖沙咀iSquare 參觀朗琴錶展,為了支持朗琴,我都帶了自己的古董朗琴手錶去投入一下,展覽入面有不同年份的手錶並加入介紹,為了方便大家可以足不出户都可以欣賞手錶,我都影了不少相片供大家欣賞,如果大家想親自觀賞,可以到iSquare 參觀,展覽去到29號完結

By K.H


手錶 – 檢查篇


我相信不少人都有帶手錶習慣,有時候大家會覺得手錶(機械錶)不準,但我們怎樣可以知道手錶快慢,需要儀器輔助,簡稱『打錶機』, 它會顯示出手錶狀態資料,可以見到『打錶機』左上角顯示手錶快慢情況,如果要校準,就要看手錶內部零件損壞情況,就如圖中手錶情況,不需要更換零件都可以進行調教,就已經好大分別

By K.H.


4 Pocket Squares to match your every outfit.


There are two main functions for this item. First Clean whatever you want to. (e.g. sunglasses and watches) And second is to look totally absolutely stylish when you match it with your suits or blazers. The key to rock this little detail is to match it with your accessories or your outfit complementary colours. (e.g. Black shoes + Black Belt + Black or Black and white pattern pocket square)

Here are the four pocket squares you will need to match them with all your outfit.

  1. White – This will work with black, white or Darker Navy complementary colours.
  2. Black and white stripes – This will work with black, Brown and Navy colours.
  3. Navy – This will work well with Grey or lighter color complementary colours
  4. Houndstooth Pattern – This one really just for the twist to be fun and creative.

What’s your favorite collection? We would love to find out please leave us a comment.

by M.C.



The 3 Ties you need in your wardrobe.


These are my opinion the absolute Tie collection for every Men’s closet. The basic formula is to match your tie with your accessory or complementary to your outfit colour. For example, if you are wearing black dress shoes you should match it with your black or grey tie. And if you are wearing jeans you could match it with navy or any light colour tie.

  1. Black Tie – This will be your most versatile tie from suit to jeans outfit.
  2. Navy Tie – Smart Casual wear with navy/ beige chino or Jeans.
  3. Light Grey or Light Navy Tie – Casual wear mostly but you could pull it off with light chino too.

What is your selection please leave us a comment we would love to know?

by M.C.