The all new X7 …. hmm

BMW has always been one of the pioneers in producing some of the most beautiful looking SUV in my opinion. However, I have mixed feeling about this new BMW concept SUV. Let’s go over what I like about this car, the interior is always been the strong point for BMW. It is driver focus, just like any other BMW in the lineup. Big interactive displays and very luxury choice of materials. Then the most impressive part of the vehicle is the sunroof. It is a one-piece massive glass which covers almost 80% of the whole roof, as a result, it is super spacious and tons of sunlight. Then the good stuff continues as we go over the exterior of the front bumper. The all-new design led headlamps are just gorgeous and they compliment perfectly with the aggressive front bumper design. Then the nightmare begins. They have this straight line goes continuously from the side to the back, which makes the whole vehicle way too boxy. It looks as they were trying to stitch two design together but in a bad way.  It’s a shame how they have everything so right and then comes up with the ugliest side and back. Anyways this is solely my own opinion, what do you guys think of the new BMW X7 SUV? Leaves us a comment we would love to know what’s your opinion.

By M.C.


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