4 Pocket Squares to match your every outfit.


There are two main functions for this item. First Clean whatever you want to. (e.g. sunglasses and watches) And second is to look totally absolutely stylish when you match it with your suits or blazers. The key to rock this little detail is to match it with your accessories or your outfit complementary colours. (e.g. Black shoes + Black Belt + Black or Black and white pattern pocket square)

Here are the four pocket squares you will need to match them with all your outfit.

  1. White – This will work with black, white or Darker Navy complementary colours.
  2. Black and white stripes – This will work with black, Brown and Navy colours.
  3. Navy – This will work well with Grey or lighter color complementary colours
  4. Houndstooth Pattern – This one really just for the twist to be fun and creative.

What’s your favorite collection? We would love to find out please leave us a comment.

by M.C.



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