5 Essential Clothing Accessories.

These are the 5 accessories to step up your game.

  1. Ties – Make sure they fit your size if you are skinny go with a skinny tie and if you are sturdy built go with a regular size tie.
  2. Pocket Square – This is the game changer to add a pocket square to go with your blazer.
  3. Watch – The ultimate jewellery for all men. If you can afford more than one watch it would be a nice to switch it up. However, if you can not then stick with a watch in silver colour and a leather strap. This kind of combination would instantly go with every occasion.
  4. Belt – Make sure you take care of your belt as much as any of your accessories. You don’t want to wear a beat up belt to go with your perfect outfit. It just ruins everything.
  5. Tie Bar – As long as you don’t over accessorize your overall outfit, this can be an excellent add-on to complete your style.

By M.C.


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