My Every Day Carry | Essentials For Every Man!


Here is my essential list of EDC that I carry with me when I am running a few errands. This is purely my personal list, so if you guys have a brilliant list and would like to show the world. Please leave me a comment and let me know what’s your list of EDC.

  1. Ball Pen – A decent pen will last a lifetime and I am 100% sure you will need one when you needed it. (Dunhill)
  2. Wallet – A nice wallet is a must-have accessory for every man, and you will be surprised how much a lady would care about this little piece of leather. (Louis Vuitton)
  3. Mobile – It doesn’t have to be an iPhone, as long as you can communicate with it I am cool with it. (iPhone 7)
  4. Swiss Knife – I am surprised how many men actually don’t carry a swiss knife anymore. Seriously it is a lifesaver. And besides, you look extra cool when no one else could fix or do what you can do. (Zwilling J.A. Henckels)
  5. Key Chain – Keep all your keys and your Swiss knife organized. (Louis Vuitton)
  6. Backup Battery – Nowadays everyone can not afford to have no mobile in their life. So any backup battery will do the job just fine. (Logon)
  7. USB cable – Obviously you will need a USB cable if you have a backup charger. (no name)
  8. Tissue – You just don’t know when you will spill your coffee or made a mess of yourself. So it’s better to be prepared. (Tempo)


By M.C.


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